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WWI JP Legastelois Marked Bronze Medal Pendant General Pershing

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This bronze medal pendant is a must have for the serious World War I AEF Collector. Here you have a Bronze Table Medal Bust of General Pershing. The medal honors Black Jack Pershing on one side, and the AEF in action on the other. Features a clasp so it can be worn as a necklace if so inclined. Both sides are signed by the artist sculptor, J.P. Legastelois. The medal is stamped “Bronze”on the edge.

This medal depicts the bust of General John Black Jack Pershing. It features the famous, set jaw expression that was his trademark. General Pershing is embossed around the circumference, and J. P. Lagastelois is stamped beneath Pershing’s shoulder strap. Bronze is stamped on the medal’s edge.

On the reverse are embossed, stirring depictions of the AEF in action. One shows troops marching behind the Stars and Stripes. Another shows an artillery gun crew in action. A third shows an officer leading doughboys over the top towards enemy trenches, and the fourth depicts biplanes of the fledgling Air Service above and supporting the assaulting troops. J.P. Lagastelois is stamped underneath the artillery gun crew. Jules – Prosper Lagastelois was born in Paris in 1885. He died in 1931. He was a prominent sculptor and medalist, who was the product of the 19th Century French School of Sculpture and Art. He was the recipient of numerous honors and awards. This Pershing Medallion Bronze Bust is highly desired. The medal is substantial. There is some wear to the high relief areas like on any coin, medallion or medal.

Measurements: 2.25″ in diameter and weighs 14 grams.

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Condition Report: Very good condition with no signs of wear.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to purchase this fine piece for a fraction of its estimated value.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in


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